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Introducing the Xtreme Solar Water Heater, a groundbreaking innovation designed to revolutionize your hot water needs. With a remarkable 10-year warranty, this system promises durability and long-term performance you can rely on. At its core lies the CNC Coating System, a cutting-edge technology engineered to enhance the efficiency and lifespan of the heater. This system is fortified with X ceramic Nano protection, ensuring optimal heat retention and corrosion resistance. Whether you're looking to reduce energy costs or minimize your carbon footprint, the Xtreme Solar Water Heater is your sustainable solution. Experience unparalleled reliability and peace of mind with every shower, knowing that you've invested in a product engineered for excellence. Say goodbye to cold showers and hello to endless hot water, courtesy of Xtreme Solar.

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A Revolutionary Advance Coating Technology


System X is the latest in ceramic technology. This new coating is chemical resistant, and Provides incredible protection against salt water, minor scratches etc. This coating doesn’t just form a sacrificial shield of protection like other coating. Instead, it bonds into metal surface creating a permanent shell. Testing has shown System X Coating to be extremely resilient to salt water, weathering, and general wear and tear.

System X – Ceramic Nano Coating is our most effective technology for protection against all kind of water qualities. Incorporating the industry’s most durable ceramic technology, it offers years of protection against salt water, with no yellowing, cracking, peeling, or delaminating.

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24 Hours Hot Water without Inconvenience

3 Layer copper coated Glass tube for Fast Water Heater

High Density PUF insulation for temperature control

Powder Coated Body & Body Structure for Long Life & Great Look

Available with electric backup heater point provision

Best for Residential, Commercial & Industrial use

Best in Class Quality Products.

Best Suitable for Hard Water

Strong Body Structure.

Anti Corrosive Inner Tank

Rust Free Technology.

Best in Class Warranty.